Truth about flat hat 3d

"FLAT HATTING" is a term coined by World War II pilots to identify unauthorized low altitude flying techniques.

We bring this spirit into our works by daring to fight, to break through the comfort zone and to surpass ourselves.
It not only brings visual impact, but also revolutionizes the idea and transforms it into value.
By using 3D to create, we can visualize the concept of automotive design in our mind.
We all have unlimited imagination, but imagination should not be limited to imagination. 3D can turn imagination into concept, and then into creation, or even into a piece of art.
Creativity is not only about making art, but also about the communication between people, which in turn influences culture.
This is the magic of Concept Art.
Motivation to make art is a passion for automotive.


  • 2018 – Launched a solo studio; dedicated to the automotive industry for digital marketing of products
  • 2019 – Exhibited at the SEMA Show; awarded 3rd place for best design in the show
  • 2020 – Launch of online 3D model shop; sale of automotive-related 3D models.


We love to help our clients solve problems and turn them into art.