FLAT HAT 3D Studio

My name is Ted Li, my mission is to integrate beauty into automotive rendering. Based in Taiwan Have a passion for the Automotive industry.

Nissan Z 2023 THE Z IS HERE.3D Model available in store. With full detailed interior, modeled in Subdivision. Every parts are named accurately, friendly use for visualization, game development, concept arts, animation. Created in 3ds max 2019, rendered in Vray 5. *Features- * -Three 3ds Max 2019 files: standard scanline / Vray 5 / Vray-Subdivision …

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What if Squid game were a racing game… A rough idea came out my mind after watched Squid game on Netflix. Would you join the game? ◯△□

TOYOTA SUPRA VICTOR TOYOTA SUPRA VICTOR The one of a kind Originally inspired by Aston Martin Victor, created with full passion, one to make, this is the one.

Not the Type R, its a concept that homage to old generation. –Thanks to @HDRI_WORLD for the quality environment background. Based in Japan, their mission is to provide CG artists and creators with high quality HDRI sets, Jpaan has one of the most stunning landscapes in the world, but very few people make HDRI for …

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SUPRA BIG WANG GANG 3 big red A90 cruising on the Wangan speedway… I always want to see these 3 beast together in a cruising/chasing scene, but I wondering which scene would be more appropriate. Then till I was reminded of the animate “Wangan/灣岸 Midnight”, so it happened. (I was so inspired by this manga …


BRZ STI Concept Inspired from 2016 STI Performance Concept.⁣ But use the satin silver instead of the classic blue.⁣

CYBER SUPRA Karlmann King inspired.⁣ 100% bulletproof, 100% no fake vents.⁣ ⁣ Would you drive with this?⁣

BMW M4 2021 – V3 Here is the “double small grilles” version.⁣ If you look at it from a distance, it still looks like a giant grille.⁣ I’ve to say it has a lot of potential.⁣

Z PROTO SLANTNOSE Inspired by @catacy_935z ‘s slant nose 350z.⁣ I decide to make it happen on Z Proto.⁣ Read the article from AUTO EVOLUTION