FLAT HAT 3D Studio

My name is Ted Li, my mission is to integrate beauty into automotive rendering. Based in Taiwan Have a passion for the Automotive industry.

TOYOTA SUPRA A90 GRAN COUPE I take some element from BMW M8 Gran Coupe, re-crate it into Supra A90. Salève Vert Green is the key.

SUPRA A90 GT LM Inspired by 1995 TOYOTA Supra GT LM. Rebuilding the past identity on the modern A90. 上一篇 下一篇 BODYKIT MODELING TIME LAPSE

BMW M4 2021 NEW GRILLES DESIGN CHANGES EVERYTHING ALTERNATE GRILLES DESIGN I called it “Gentle version M4” This one comes with smaller grilles design.⁣ It don’t need heavily modify or major changes, just needs a little tweaks.⁣