3 big red A90 cruising on the Wangan speedway…
I always want to see these 3 beast together in a cruising/chasing scene, but I wondering which scene would be more appropriate.
Then till I was reminded of the animate “Wangan/灣岸 Midnight”, so it happened.
(I was so inspired by this manga series and arcade series.)

You might founds out there are some imperfection in the rendering, that’s on purpose, also that is the secret to make a realistic rendering.

About the scene,
If you think this tunnel looks familiar to you, yes its from my previous animation collab with the talent @benedictradcliffe ,
I made some changes on the wall pattern and lighting scheme, make it in cold blue color tone. Which is very easily done with Vray renderer, ( #teamVray )

I like to make things easy, so these cars are not rigged, because there is only a straight line going forward.

behind the scene